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Prairie SeaShell - Season 7 - 2012

Oct27A trip to the Yucatan
By sv Prairie SeaShell on 10/27/2012 4:34:07 PM

A few of the places we will visit next month
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Oct31Isla de Cozumel
By sv Prairie SeaShell on 10/31/2012 10:38:00 PM

Shannon drove us to the airport bright and early, but our take off was delayed by about half an hour...
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Nov22Learning Spanish in San Cristobal de Las Casas
By sv Prairie SeaShell on 11/22/2012 9:49:53 PM

After spending 10 days in Cozumel, we boarded the ADO bus for an 18 hour trip to San Cristobal de la...
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Nov25Dive, Dive, Dive !!
By sv Prairie SeaShell on 11/25/2012 10:07:00 PM

We originally booked our trip to Cozumel, we only booked a week as I really expected to find that th...
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By sv Prairie SeaShell on 12/7/2012 3:51:00 PM

We walked out to the road to Palenque and a collectivo arrived in just a few minutes to take us to t...
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