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Baja California Sur

We saw no sea life today, and only had one other boat within range around midnight – maybe Francoise, but no radio contact.


Hola Mexico

After spending the first few days in San Diego doing boat chores, we decided it was time to do the tourist things.


Southern California

We left Monterrey after fueling up, in case there is lots more motoring, and practically had to run over the sea lions to get out. They wait until the very last moment to move.


Marina Seca

Once again, this season, we flew from Calgary to Phoenix and took the Executivo Class Bus to San Carlos. We were more than happy to say adios to the snow, even the Grand Canyon was covered in the white stuff.


Adios Guatamala

Our last weekend found us on a trip to Lake Atitlan, Panajachel and Chichastenango.


Adios Guatamala

Our last weekend found us on a trip to Lake Atitlan, Panajachel and Chichastenango.


Guatamala Spanish

Last weekend we went on a whirlwind four day trip to Semuc Champay, the ruins at Tikal, the Rio Dulce and Livingston and a dip in hot sulphur springs at Agua Calientes


Spanish School in Guatemala

After a day and a half of traveling, we are finally settled in and ready to start Spanish school tomorrow.



We walked out to the road to Palenque and a collectivo arrived in just a few minutes to take us to the entrance of the ruins.


Learning Spanish in San Cristobal de Las Casas

After spending 10 days in Cozumel, we boarded the ADO bus for an 18 hour trip to San Cristobal de las Casas. During the daylight portion of the trip, we did enjoy the sights along the Highway.



We have just pulled into Coos Bay, Oregon to wait out some more bad weather. We had expected that we would have been in SanFran by now, but alas, we are only about half way there.


A short side trip from Playa del Carmen — Cobá. The main pyramid at Cobá


    Leaving Canada

    We were on our way to Port Angeles, WA. This is the first stop in US waters, where we will have to check in with customs.


    Tomorrow is the last day of diving, then we cross on the ferry again and maybe take in some more Mayan ruins before we head back to Calgary on Thursday.


      Dive, Dive, Dive !!

      We originally booked our trip to Cozumel, we only booked a week as I really expected to find that the reefs would have been badly damaged and I thought we would be disappointed in the diving.


      5 cruise ships here yesterday, 6 cruise ships here today, Ironman contest on Sunday. 2 people killed yesterday when a rented off road vehicle hit a guard rail. I don´t know how they found a guard rail, not very many in Mexico. Rented scooters and motorcycles driving around like crazy. Need to get out onto a little boat Tomorrow to get away from the crazies.


        Woke up this morning to 5 degrees, both inside and out. traveled 200 km in 6 hours, ( too many sharp curves to count) dropped almost 7000 feet in altitude and now it is 30 degrees at night . We are in Palenque.


          Salt Springs to Comox

          Salt Spring Island. Montague Harbour & Blue Water Cruisining Rendezvous. Comox.



          Launching on the Fraser River. Maiden Voyage across Strait of Georgia.



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