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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Canada Place
 Cruise ship terminal, Canada Place, Vancouver, BC
Two of our group left Sunday afternoon and stayed overnight at the Best Western in downtown Vancouver.
We headed out early Monday morning and arrived at Vancouver airport after short flight. We grab our luggage and take the elevator to the new SkyTrain station in the airport.

Ticket Vending Machines are little confusing as fares are marked by zones but no map showing where Zone 1 ends or how many zones we need for Waterfront station. There is a very helpful (and busy) attendant and he tells us we need Adult - 2 Zones (C$3.75). There is also a choice 'Consideration'? It's only a couple weeks old, so I'm sure they'll improve the signage.

We get on the LRT and sit near the front (big picture window as there is no driver). The train ride is very smooth, starting and stopping is gentle and no annoying side to side jerks as back home. The first part of our journey is elevated above the roadway, however, as we get closer to downtown, we are in a tunnel.

We get off at Waterfront Station (end of the line) and are only a couple blocks from the Canada Place, the cruise ship terminal.

The train ride was too fast, we're a little early to get on the cruise ship. No worries, it's a beautiful, sunny day in Vancouver, so we head to Starbucks for some coffee and wifi on the terrace.

One final check of our email and we head for the cruise ship terminal. As we get inside, our two travel companions arrive at the same time. The hotel provided transportation. Perfect timing!

Check-in, customs, security, etc. is extremely fast and efficient and in a short time, we are on the Island Princess. Our rooms are across the hall from each other and very close to the Internet Cafe, just in case we get the urge to work. (Two of us are self-employed where no work = no pay)

Route Map for Canada Line.

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Oasis Cruise & Travel Stories