Finishing Sailboat Interior

Finishing Sailboat Interior
By sv Prairie SeaShell on 22 Apr, 2005 6:22 PM

Finishing the cabin sole, captain's bed, engine room, the head, sails, galley and navigation station.

cabin sole
  Interior of sailboat, cabin sole or Brazilian Cherry floor
This is the cabin sole or as land lubbers say "the floor". It is Brazilian cherry with a Tung oil finish.
Captain's bed
  Interior of sailboat, captain's bed, stateroom
The captains bed with it's 6 inch foam mattress. Under the bed is the steering quadrant.
Engine room
  Interior of boat, engine room
This is a view of the engine room with the cockpit floor removed.
You can see the dual fuel filtering system and the sound absorbent lining. This is a 35 hp three cylinder Isuzu.
Main head
  Interior of boat, main head or bathroom
This is the forward or main head with a shower.
There is another smaller head in the rear cabin.
Sewing sails
  Sewing sails
We found some time to sew sails in the winter. These were from Sailrite.
That is a Sailrite sailmaking sewing machine in the foreground . If you want to check out their web site it is http://www.sailrite.com.
I made a dodger to cover the companion way. It has Lexan windows with the center one in the front an opening one.
The Bimini behind the Dodger is made of Sunbrella over a stainless tube frame.
On top of the Dodger, I mounted two 75 watt solar panels, there will be two more mounted on a frame over the rear end of the boat.
Lynn relaxing on settee
  Interior of sailboat, settee in great room/dining room
Lynn is trying out the new cushions on the settee.
  Interior of boat, Dining room table
The table. As you can see it is hard to get the right angle to take picures in a boat.
  Interior of boat, Galley or kitchen
This is the galley with it's extra deep double sinks, fridge/freezer, three burner propane stove, propane demand water heater, microwave, etc.
Navigation station
  Interior of sailboat, Navigation room
The start of my Nav station with my folding stool.
Settee with cushions
  Interior of boat, Settee with cushions
Lynn sewed on upholstry fabric onto the settee cushions. Then I covered them with plastic to protect them until we get out to the coast.
  Crane to lift boat on truck
The crane truck arrived to lift the boat out of the pit that I had the keel in.
Crane lifting boat
  Crane lifting boat
We estimate the weight of the boat to be about 14,000-16,000 lbs (7-8 tons).
The neighbours thought this was quite the sight to see the boat dangling in the air.
Paint shelter
  Paint shelter
I had to cover in the bottom of the boat to keep the hull warm while I painted below the water line with two part epoxy undercoat and then the ablative anti-fouling paint.
undercoating the keel
  Undercoating the keel
On the lead part of the keel I had to smooth out the lead as it came out of the mold a little bumpy with some deep indents.
I used a power planner and very coarse sanding disk first to smooth it out then epoxy filler to fill in the indents, then metal etching paint, then metal primer, then epoxy undercoat and finaly the ablative anti-fouling.
Lynn under boat
  Lynn under boat
Lynn is under the boat to give everyone an idea of the size of it.
The End is near ...
  The End is near ...
Now we are waiting for the truck to come to take it out to the coast.

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